Construction management

Construction management

Your requirements - professional advice and support for your construction projects.

A construction project has a lot to do with trust, is unique and has specific challenges. Whether the choice of the architect, the selection of suitable construction companies and the negotiation of contracts.

But how do you know if you made the right choice? Since the craftsman has a simple point, he is in many cases selected by his future client.

But here, too, problems arise. We help you find solutions. In most cases, disputes arise between both parties due to incorrect or missing communication. We undertake the coordination with artisans and professionals. Monitor your site with control of compliance with dimensions, material type, quality, costs and deadlines.

Our services:
• Building Decisions / Performance Assessment - does each party know what a legal effect can be?
• Consultancy before and during the construction phase for builders and craftsmen
• Damage assessments Focus on interior construction / drywall construction
• Building value calculation
• Building documentation
• Renovation plans for buildings

At the request of the builder we perform the following services as general contractor:

General contractor services:
• Painting work
• All-glass facades
• Electrical work
• Tile and flooring work
• Video and security systems
• Flooring work
• other services required for your project